There is no role for the intellectual nowadays, because the intellectual outlined as such does not exist. The intellectual who elaborates the data of society and decodes them has no specific role and his position is not different from any citizen’s. As an intellectual, I personally don’t see myself in a leading position and I don’t think I have deconsecrating instruments. As a citizen, I try to understand the present situation, to interpret it and to modify it politically. The revolt of ’68 was carried out on a linguistic and communicative ground: that was the originality of the movement. Today’s problem involves the administration of the distribution of communication. In fact we have seen that administrating the communication is useless if we cannot administrate also our own distribution. The distribution is still subjected to the limits and blackmail of the institutes of power. In conclusion, the intellectual must act as a citizen: this is the only political way of doing something political. It is the only way to fill up the gap we find on our hands, it is a direct and quick care which the present moment demands.

(Summary of the Italian text)