To consider the intellectuals’ silence as crime is one of the most worrying elements, because, after the position of Pci on this subject, we have come to the point that Leonardo Sciascia and Alberto Moravia have had to talk saying practically useless things, and that goes against the European and western cultural tradition. But beyond the talking one can see the violence of passivity, which cannot be situated either in terrorism or in politics, and which, for this reason, frightens the institutions. In the public indifference towards history one can see a refusal of moralism, rhetoric and humanism. The absenteeism of the masses in ’77, Baudrillard would say, “is a challenge to death”. But opposite to all this, the frontal clash between Red Brigades and state comes clearly out and it is a clash between two forms of humanism, of subjectivity: it is a fight for two humanisms which still think in terms of history or anti-history. On the other side there is the spectator’s sneer for this show.

(Summary of the Italian text)