We must fight so that the intellectual is not as subordinate as a child who must be guided and helped by his parents and so that he may come out of the logic interdicting his freedom, which can't be subjected to conditions. The intellectual who does not possess this absolute freedom is not an intellectual any more he is a subject, an "organic" intellectual (...). What price will he have to pay in order to be free to write what he thinks, to be an intellectual and not a bureaucrat of an apparatus, to overcome a situation of forced unemployment and interdiction of thought? When opposed to the strength of power the intellectual is frightened, he gives up talking, bustles about, tries hard, racks his brains and in the end he feels desperate. These people should have the extraordinary force to oppose, to insist, to go on. It is a war of nerves; but I am quite pessimistic about the result.

(Summary of the Italian text)