Traditional politics are socially dead, and the social sense is dying in militarism, therefore the intellectual’s aim must be to denounce the military logic. The society deriving from the middle classes, is a society which anihilates the phenomenon of existence and of comfort, by means of a daily control. There is a diffuse impression that we are assisting to a phenomenon of complete inattention. On the one hand there is very strong power, the pure military power which needs war to impose itself, it is a pure power because it has nothing inside but a total oppression and it is getting incredibly stronger because it has no link with the heart of society. Today the state is no longer a nation, but a destination-state, a pure movement towards pure de-localization. The role of the intellectual is therefore to attack military power in its nuclear dissolution and the masses which fall in the trap. It is necessary to attack them both and show that the object is the military sphere, as an abstract-concrete object and as an autonomous thought, never contested. The aim therefore is to try to destroy the strategic logic whatever it is and not only in the army, but in ourselves, in our actions.

(Summary of the Italian text)