The idea of attacking all the institutions and the forms of the state comes from an analysis of the relationship between man and woman, which compels us to reconsider all the analysis which have led the logic power so far. If you think that it is a question of building a different movement from the workmen's, you come to consider what has been the evolution of all the revolutionary movements. A new anthropology is created: being able to see the dimension of the deep, of the unconscious, identifying the weight of “desires” (...). Time and space have no meaning for women; and this is not an ordinary statement but it has a deep weight. Women are in fact expressing themselves in contradiction with what is man’s politics and culture, even though they do so in a non-dialectic way because dialectics don’t belong to women; in fact what seems to weigh is the institutionalized aspect of the movement, because women do not enter the circle of the values of power.

(Summary of the Italian text)