I believe that where disposition of power or of counter-power is played the intellectual has no place: he had the historical role of creating ideology and analysis but now this is not enough, because things go on to a level of signs or of talk which are not controllable any more. If dialectics have died, the intellectual, who has always been its representative, is not playing his role and he is beyond meaning. The real operators are now the Red Brigades, not the intellectuals, even though this is an ambiguous thing, because they themselves are regenerating politics. In the “dissent” of the Red Brigades, who want to put an end to an old form of negative historical politics, there is something incredible: they want to give the State a “form” which it hasn’t any more. The “dissent”, in fact, is still a humanistic space which is situated against the anti-humanism of state. The Red Brigades themselves are anti-humanistic, they are more anti-humanistic than the State; in that way they push it towards its catastrophe and they accelerate this process. The Red Brigades have however demonstrated that the representative system does not work any more and what they want to say is that the masses are somewhere else, they are not represented, not even by the intellectuals, because they don’t want that. The silence is meaningful: they are the non-sense. For me the masses are the non-sense, because they are neither subject nor object: that is why everything is swaying, because there is no reference to reality and the masses were the last possible reference.

(Summary of the Italian text)