Nowadays, perhaps too often, we tend to present things in a Manichean way, for example we notice this in the disputes between state and intellectuals, between state is multiple; there is an alteration of the different state apparatus, so I think one shouldn’t blame the power of the establishment as a certain number of persons of the “new philosophy” have done. They renegade the state and the establishment and lead a sort of mythological war. “Truth”, “freedom” do not permit to describe the reality of things (...). The opportunity of expressing ideas exists, if we don’t exploit it, it is because of our cowardice. There are many persons willing to take this opportunity. If everyone is afraid we would certainly become like the actors Bunuel’s film “The Exterminating Angel” and no one would take the first move. We always exaggerate. A lot of people want to fight with their humour and derision because they are fed up with hysteria. People who fought for the revolution did not know what it was. Besides the old models of revolution are no longer valid. The revolution which is now being prepared does not resemble any other. It is the social movement which prepares revolution and it exists, it is real (...).

(Summary of the Italian text)