The Italian politic situation has openly become more and more similar to the South-American one during the last few months. The latest actions, of the “armed party” (Moro’s kidnapping, other frequent attempts on political men) stand in witness of that. The political block of power, which seemed more compact after Moro’s kidnapping, is menaced by internal incurable conflicts. Pci, which boasted of the euro-communist ideology on one side and of the police experience of its Eastern fellow parties on the other side, hasn’t passed the examination: it has let a clandestine army get away. Its tendency towards adventure, its quick moving back to conservative positions will have to be paid for on political terms. Those people who think that it is possible to reinforce the political balance by moving the axle of the most important opposition party to the right, to towards a civil war. And if it is possible to talk about a civil war today, we can do that in terms of importance, and the cause of this impotence is the breaking up of the organizing political tissue on the left of Pci. It is a fact that the “deviating”, “centrifugal” and 2non-planning” tendencies have multiplied, as though the Left had held together, with its strong charge, opposite centripetal energies, which visibly exploded later on.

(Summary of the Italian text)