Engraved bronze plaques, framed glass, description (two parts each)

“The Concept Tableaux” represent yet another aspect of Kienholz' work. Faced with ever increasing problems of construction costs, transportation and storage, Kienholz planned this larges body of works which could be shown and marketed before each piece actually existed. In the past, the environments were conceived and then executed. Now a prospective buyer can purchase a proposed tableau (for a significant amount of money) receiving ownership in the form of a bronze title plaque, a framed detailed description of the work and a signed demand contract on the artist’s time. The work can remain in this form being resold, exhibited etc. If the owner wishes a further realization, the concept can be developed into a drawing form for a small additional sum. In the event the final “tableau” is desired, Kienholz then builds it charging only for his working wages and materials. The actualization of the “tableau” presupposes that the owner has sufficient resources and space to cope with a large environmental work. Although a number of these concept “Tableaux” have been sold, the only one worked through to completion to date is “The State Hospital”.