Painted wood, fiberglass, metal, glass, jewelry, cloth, bones, stuffed toys etc.

“Roxy’s” was “The Nativity”, originally envisioned as a tableau within a tableau, such as those found in rural american churches at Christmas time. Kienholz’ plan was to build a church out of iron tubing so that it would stand like an open architectural structure that could easily be taken apart and reassembled. Supplementing the actual Nativity scene was to be a minister at the pulpit, the minister's wife as the church organist, the congregation, and a backroom filled with prepared food for a “pot luck supper”. After completing The Nativity scene itself, Kienholz discovered that another artist had used his idea of an iron tubing structure for a different purpose which, consequently, led him to abandon his plan for a complete church.A friend had sent Kienholz a tiny crucifix from Japan with a penknife blade in the cross which fascinated him and became part of the first figure, a Wise Man Hence, the jewelry like character of the tableau.  Jesus is built from a flashing light such as those used on street barricades. Mother Mary has a compartment in back reserved for the lmmaculate Conception, while Joseph, astride his ass, silently plays out his role as cuckold. Roxy’s” and “The Nativity” represent a polarity in Kienholz’ thinking, and all subsequent works seem to fall somewhere between.